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340 Tristram Street
Ph: 07 839 4000


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If you require roster information, the availability of a particular lady or any other question that requires an immediate response, please call us on 07 839 4000 and speak to our receptionist. For general enquiries please fill in the form below and we will respond at the earliest possible convenience.

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We are primely located in the inner city of Hamilton.
Our discreet back door entrance offers you privacy.
Car parking is available at the rear of the building.




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Open 7 days and nights

Monday 10am – up to 4am
Tuesday 10am – up to 4am
Wednesday 10am – up to 4am
Thursday 10am – up to 5am
Friday 10am – 6am
Saturday 12pm – 6am
Sunday 12pm – up to 4am