This page is for men who have not visited California Girls before. It is a good idea to mention this so we can explain how the visit will flow.


Respectful behaviour

You can be assured that if you are rude, crude, condescending, racist, threatening or ask staff unacceptable questions and show the staff as well as other visitors a lack of respect, you will be asked to leave.


Do some homework on our website

Take some time and get familiar with our website, the ladies featured and our services. All our ladies offer different services. Please refer to their profile on our website or ask one of our receptionists.

To see who is working go to the ‘our girls’ tab and then click on ‘todays roster’ or ‘tonight’s roster’. Alternatively phone and speak to our receptionist.



What happens at the brothel, stays at the brothel. Be assured your privacy is safe with us. It is important you show the same respect of privacy to our staff. Absolutely no photos.



We expect a good standard of attire for those visiting our club. (No dirty work boots). That goes for cleanliness and you are asked to take a shower prior to ‘play’.



We enjoy receiving feedback. All client feedback is fundamental to maintaining our high standards. Let us know where you feel we can improve or express your appreciation for exceptional service. All feedback is treated as absolutely confidential.

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