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Consider booking our spa room and having a long and totally sensual hot tub date.  It’s just as sexy as skinny-dipping, only far more intimate.  It features a large deep corner Jacuzzi, Queen size bed and bathroom facilities.

The perfect antidote to winter chills.  Let the hot tub jets work to relax tired muscles and relieve pressure on nerves.  In addition, the buoyancy provided by the water reduces body weight by 90%, taking pressure off the joints.  Benefit from improved circulation, lower blood pressure, pain control, better sleep and stress relief.  It is a sexy sanctuary where your mind and body can relax and enjoy the serenity.


Room hire:$100 – 1 hour
Package Deal:30 mins in Spa Room then 60 mins in Bondage Room
$170 – couples per hour
$250 – four people per hour

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